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Shedding Light and Truth on One of The Most Hotly Debated Topics of Our Time


Dr Alan Palmer

I have spent 2 1/2 years and over 2,500 hours compiling this exposé, with the goal of sharing it with the world. Since then, over the last 2 years I have given away over 100,000 FREE downloads of 1200 Studies- Truth Will Prevail to people from 36 countries

Get this 1,300-page interactive eBook, now containing excerpts from over 1,600 articles and published PubMed studies, themselves containing thousands of additional supportive references. The eBook now contains over 400 pages on the COVID-19 vaccines alone. The science contradicts what we are being told by many medical doctors, the media, our government officials and the pharmaceutical industry about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. We are told time and time again, that vaccines are extremely safe and effective and that “the science is settled” on the matter. Well I have news for those who think so. There are thousands of scientists and researchers that disagree. And, you are about to meet them and hear what they have to say. The bottom line is that THE SCIENCE IS FAR FROM SETTLED!

1200 Studies is an interactive document. The format this document is being presented in, maximizes your ability to search by key word or phrase and jump from Table of Contents directly to items that you want to see with a mouse click. And, it will allow you to access the actual research, the studies and the articles instantly. That way you can immediately check to see if what my document says is true. Books can be tedious to wade through and checking references difficult and time consuming. This e-book changes all of that! It makes it all FAST AND EASY in just a click of your mouse.


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