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Remember the winter of 2021 going into 2022?

We were pushing back against the vaccine roll-out that was attempting to snare our children through the school winter C19 vaccination programs.

Solicitor Lois Bayliss provided the letter templates for parents to send to schools.

We published these templates and worked hard to get them out.

Many NOTB subscribers used them.

I know from the feedback we received, that the campaign was highly successful.

Her solictor's governing body the SRA are now prosecuting her.

Lois is one of the heroes of the pandemic.

She is now facing a massive legal case and needs our help.

We now also know the extent of the vaccine-induced injuries.

This is a glimpse of some US stats from the VAERS database.

Remember, it was known children were at a negligible risk from C19 symptoms

The crazy thing is that she is liable for the SRA's costs in prosecuting her even if she wins!

These costs are estimated to be in the region of £90,000

The only way she can win these costs back is by the case being proven as misjudged.

In my humble no-legal opinion, I believe once the extent of the humanicide has become recognised the extent of the implications understood - cases like this will be overturned.

You might also remember that I was working on providing expert and vaccine injury witness evidence for the case with the legal team headed by Lois Bayliss submitting witness statements and expert witness statements

  • Over 60 NOTB members who are vaccine-injured also submitted witness statements.

  • Several key Doctors also submitted expert witness evidence.

  • Multiple scientists submitted expert witness evidence.

Over 16,000 of you have backed Not On The Beeb petition (started in the summer of 2021) calling for a pause to the roll-out and investigation into the ingredients that we supplied to the legal team, as a public push backing the evidence.

This is now in the hands of Andrew Bridgen to hand to Parliament which he says he will do shortly after the debates following the King's speech.

The start of the harassment can be seen here:

Lois is one of the few I trust.

She worked for free for everyone.

I witnessed her passion first-hand.

We both worked clean through the Christmas of 21 and New Year of 22 preparing evidence for the case.

Even if you can't afford to help please add a message of support under this article in the comments section

Lois Bayliss - Solicitor - Defence Fund

Lois Bayliss is a solicitor, practising in England, with a 17-year unblemished record as a medical negligence lawyer. She has been acting pro bono in relation to challenging the Covid 19 narrative and is now facing regulatory action due to having issued letters in early 2022, warning of the risks to health from the various measures put in place by the UK Government.

At the time of the SARS- CoV-2 (Covid 19) injections being granted emergency use authorisation, she had concern that as they had only been subject to limited trials, there was little safety data available and indeed, no long-term safety data available at all.

As the vaccines were rolled out, information became available which related to their lack of efficacy and poor safety profile. This caused Lois significant concern, particularly heightened when a decision was made to include children aged 12 to 17 in the UK vaccination programme, even though it was also known and acknowledged by this point that Covid posed no risk to healthy children.

Over the past 3 years Lois has:

  • Spoken up and continues to speak up in support of those injured by the Covid 19 injections.

  • Assisted families in Court proceedings seeking to prevent forced Covid 19 injections – with two of those cases going all the way to the appeal courts. This work continues to date with 2 cases resulting in a withdrawal of the application for vaccination. None of the cases have resulted in the enforced vaccination of the individual (including children).

  • Assisted in a significant case in the Coroners Court regarding the Covid 19 injection being the alleged cause of death.

  • Obtained vast amounts of vaccine injured and whistle blower evidence, all of which has been provided to police forces, and the solicitors regulator, Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

  • Assisted another Law Firm in supporting health and social care staff facing the loss of their jobs due to the vaccine mandate.

  • Directly supported a number of health and social care staff in defending their right not to have a Covid 19 injection in order to keep their job.

  • Assisted other professionals, including doctors who are facing regulatory action for raising concerns about the Covid 19 injections. Some of these are high profile individuals who have and continue to play a key role in getting information into the public arena about Covid 19 vaccine harms.

  • Gathered an immense amount of expert evidence from highly qualified, world-renowned professionals, which calls into doubt policies put in place by governments across the world for the management of Covid 19, including the Covid 19 injections and their rollout.

  • Been part of the group of professionals who reported various crimes relating to the Covid 19 control measures to the Metropolitan Police on 20th December 2021.

  • Reported the same crimes and provided evidence of such to other Police forces around the country.

  • Continued to work with others in challenging the continuing Covid 19 narrative and the censorship aroud it.

  • Attended for interview with one of the police forces and for a number of months continued to provide evidence to the various other police forces.

  • Been contacted directly by 1324 NHS workers facing loss of jobs due to the mandate. In some cases, this included preparing a defence.

  • Been active in assisting another law firm in a case against the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

  • Issued letters in February 2022, to secondary schools GP surgeries and vaccination centres highlighting the risks posed by prolonged mask wearing, repeated lateral flow testing and the Covid 19 injections. The letters also raised the point that obtaining informed consent was not possible. These letters were issued for public use and were utilised internationally.

  • Continued to play an instrumental role in ensuring that data and expert evidence is placed on court record and has been served on police forces, the SRA and the SDT.

Over the past 3 years the challenges around the Covid 19 polices and injections has been carried out by Lois on a pro bono basis. In some cases, this has included Lois herself paying barristers fees for those she was representing. Had this work not been carried out pro bono and Lois not funded counsel fees herself for those in need, many families would not have been able to defend themselves or their position in the courts. It is of note that in all cases, the families approaching Lois and requesting her assistance said they had been turned down by other members of the legal profession. Had Lois not taken on these cases, sometimes at short notice, the families involved would not have had a voice within the courts.

The letters issued in February 2022, are the reason for which the SRA are now taking regulatory action against Lois and she is threatened with a fine and estimated costs of £90,750 and that is even if she defends herself against the allegations of professional misconduct. These costs must be paid even if Lois successfully defends herself against the allegations which have been levelled at her by the SRA. Staggeringly, there are only very limited instances where a solicitor who has successfully defended themselves has not been ordered to pay the costs incurred by the SRA in bringing their case.

There has been and remains a clear demand for the work Lois has been undertaking. By bringing this action against her, the SRA will potentially be preventing people from obtaining access to justice.

It is of significant note that Lois acts on behalf of other professionals who are themselves facing sanction by their professional bodies, or regulatory action for speaking out about Covid 19 policy. Defending oneself in such circumstances is very expensive and it is often the risk of this expense which stops some professionals from speaking out at all. By acting pro bono Lois takes a lot of stress from the individuals involved, which provides them with the ability to make appropriate and much needed challenge in relation to government decisions. If Lois is unable to defend herself, maintain her reputation and her ability to practice, these people will not have access to the legal support they so vitally need.

Lois has been notified that her case will go to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) in February 2024. To save costs Lois has defended herself up to this point, but will need independent legal representation leading up to and at the hearing in front of the SDT.

At this stage the estimated cost of defending the case all the way to trial is circa £50k. There is then the estimated £90.750 SRA legal fees (payable even if Lois wins her case), along with the risk of a yet undetermined fine which could be anything up to £50k. It should be noted too, that this estimate of just in excess of £90k for the SRA legal fees will most definitely increase because the SRA had removed most of Lois's defence evidence when the matter was handed over to the SDT and since the SRA have now had to add defence evidence to documentation presented to the SDT, the estimated costs are highly likely to double if not triple. Importantly however, this does all provide an opportunity to place vital evidence before the SDT. This means that Lois needs to raise a minimum of £200k in order to fully defend herself.

All monies donated to Lois's fund will only be used to fund her counsel (barrister) fees and any tribunal fees, plus such adverse costs which may be awarded against her and any fine imposed.

She will be transparent in relation to all accounting and spending made from fund donations.

Thank you very much in anticipation for any support you are able to provide.

Even if you can't afford to help

please add a message of support under this article in the comments section




❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you for being so heroic and for doing what’s right in these times of great insanity, divide, wrong doing and fall apart. Thank GOD for people like you Lois. You are an inspirational light. May the people support you now and may your generosity be repaid.




Lois, although we have not personally spoken , i have utilised your template to send to both my childrens school and it worked. They backed off. i believe the work you done and continue to do is detrimental to public safety and is heartbreaking to see what the justice system is doing to you but I know with enough of us supporting you will win! All the best. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️



Thank you 🙏🙏🙏



Just a humbling experience reading the accounts of all that this incredible Woman is doing for us all. For that I for one am truly greatly that there are Human beings capable of such selflessness in this world at this time. Thankyou



Dear Lois

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing. You are a shining star and a truly amazing and wonderful person. When I am in a position to do so I will make a contribution to your fund. With immense gratitude,

A friend


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