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Last weekend was a blinder as Freedom fighters from all over the UK gathered in a field near Battle to celebrate the summer, freedom and listen to the music of the resistance at the Hope Freedom Festival

The irony of such a festival being in Battle, the site of the last invasion of the UK in 1066 wasn't missed.

The Right Said Fred Brothers Richard and Fred (I'm too famous for my T-shirt) were the hosts.

The Daz band performed their protest classic 99% and countless other artists kept the atmosphere high and the laughs frequent.

DJ Danny Rampling pulled off a memorable late night Saturday set that had everyone dancing until the early hours.

The best part though was meeting so many people in person who we'd only communicated by messages or video.

Thank you to all of you who came to the stand to say hello. Meeting you all one by one made my weekend and summer.

This was a small gathering that felt more like a private party - a fire-starter inaugural festival for bigger things to come - not be forgotten.

Hope Festival organiser and UK column's Katy-Jo, with Mark at the Not On The Beeb stand.

The festival is a fund raiser for Katy-Jo's Hope education projects

(You can buy a Not On The Beeb t-shirt here.)

The highly respected Brian Gerrish of the leading British alternative media team UK COLUMN visits the Not On The Beeb stand at the Hope Freedom Festival Sussex.

UK Column are the longest running and most trusted UK alternative media.

They have a long history of digging deep for news and insight where few dare go.

To sample UK column and hear about the Hope Festival click on the link below.

(Report on Hope Festival is at 35 mins and 54 seconds)


Mark of Not On The Beeb is a founding member of the UFP.

The right of everyone to have access to information and ideas, reiterated in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, underpins the journalist’s mission. The journalist’s responsibility towards the public takes precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public authorities. Journalism is a profession, which requires time, resources and the means to practice – all of which are essential to its independence. This declaration specifies the guidelines of conduct for free journalists in the research, editing, transmission, dissemination and commentary of news and information, and in the description of events, in any media whatsoever.

In recent years we have been witness to a globally coordinated censorship campaign, targeting independent journalists and alternative media outlets the world over. Quality free journalism is under attack and free dissemination of information in the public interest is being suppressed.

The United Free Press, Charter of Ethics is a voluntary commitment by free and independent journalists in the United Kingdom to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity in the conduct of their work. This alliance of the free press is intended to provide the public with increased confidence in the credibility of free media organisations and independent journalists by providing a common code of ethical conduct. It also sends a message to other mainstream media organisations, that the free press are connected, federated and professionally organised to deliver on our overriding principle of reporting truth, no matter how obfuscated, to the general public.

Read more here:


Brian Gerrish, David Scott, Debi Evans and Katy-Jo Murfin with today’s UK Column News.

Huge thanks to Mikey (on the left) for helping our on the stall. See him as god designed him in the highly entertaining Channel Four TV programme naked-alone-and-racing-to-get-home

Respect to Willsy of Resistance GB (on the right) for all his work helping bring footage of the protests to a world wide audience,

Not On The Beeb T-shirts featured

All Festival profits went to support the HOPE Project.

H O P E Sussex - Home Of Personalised Education, has formed to serve the interests of home-educating families and the independent tutors who work with them.

We are a community of like-minded families who chose to step outside the box to give our children an education and a childhood that aligns with our own beliefs and values, instead of those forced upon us by the mainstream education system. Home education increased by 40% between 2015 and 2018. 2020 and 2021 have seen even more people choosing alternatives to mainstream education because it suits the child and their family for many beneficial reasons.

We aim to provide a humane and natural setting for our kids and provide them with a well-rounded and tailored education, focusing on life skills and professional skills, as well as academic skills.

We aim to connect with tutors who will deliver the best possible education to all of our communities, including services for families and adult sessions. Collectively we believe in giving our children a wealth of opportunities suited to their individual needs and interests, alongside allowing them the freedom to learn at their own pace.

We don’t believe that our children should be confined to a classroom for 6 hours or more a day and we believe that access to nature and the great outdoors should be given in abundance.

We will achieve this by providing a venue where home-educators can connect with private tutors, and have cost-effective access to a wide range of sessions. Our Community Venue provides a Community Hub. We will seek funding for parents so they have choice and agency over their child’s learning, and to provide for the professional development of our tutors and volunteers. We will also provide pastoral development in the form of mentoring and peer mentoring, something which is usually missing from home education. We will develop outdoor learning, including forestry and nature learning, growing herbs and vegetables. We will also follow an enterprise approach, involving our youths in the creation of income streams, including organisational and presentation skills. Above all, we provide a safe, natural and community-based environment for kids and families to flourish. We work with parents, tutors and external providers that support our values and bring enrichment to our children’s lives and home learning journeys.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — PABLO PICASSO


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Aug 07, 2022



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