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The wonderful Carrie Madej appeared on the Stew Peters Show (see video below) and has shown her findings of contaminants within the Moderna and J&J vaccines.

These findings match the previous releases from Dr Campra, The Scientists Club, Dr Young and the German collective as featured in our recent article.

(These were in the Pfizer and AZ vaccines)

The findings also match the Not On The Beeb report into 'particles' found in a famous brand of bottled water supplies that we replicated between Spain and the UK. See our exclusive report here

However, Carrie found one thing that as far as I am aware, has not been published before.

'Fibres' grouped together to form octopus-like structures that appeared to move and find their way to the edge of the slides.

Importantly, she also found the strings of globule like structures that can be seen within the video.

(Carrie's images from the vaccine vials are reproduced under the video below.)

Carrie Madej starts at 2 min 5 seconds

These images courtesy of Carrie Madej, are of the 'contaminants' found in the Moderna and J&J vaccine vials.

Octopus-like structure

Again, we see 'The Fibres' below. (see our other articles and videos)

Note the circles. (The line is the edge of the slide)

Note the circles.

These images look like the 'flakes' found previously


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