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Alphonso Davies, 21, has been forced to stop training after a heart scare - he was diagnosed with mild inflammation of the heart, which has been put down to him having had a recent bout of Covid-19.

Whilst we cannot find confirmation that Davies has received one or more Covid-19 vaccinations, we did find a report naming Bayern Munich’s five unvaccinated players. As Davies is not among those names listed, we can only assume that he is indeed vaccinated.

Which begs the question: is it more likely that the usually rare condition of myocarditis was caused by a virus, or by a vaccine that’s known to be causing an explosion of heart-related issues, particularly among young men and more particularly among young, male footballers?

Given that all Covid-19 vaccines are still in the trial phase with no long-term data relating to the growing list of side effects, isn’t it a matter of urgency now for the vaccine programme to be halted until the appropriate peer-reviewed studies can be carried out?

You can read The Sun’s 14th January article about Davies here:

You can read more about how chest pains are on the increase among footballers here:

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