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96 MPs have signed an early day motion for ceasefire in Gaza

If your MP isn't on it and you want them to be, you can used the link below to email them to do so.

'call for the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary to urgently press all parties to agree to an immediate de-escalation and cessation of hostilities, to ensure the immediate, unconditional release of the Israeli hostages'

Find your MP to email them here:

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Jan 08

Since when do ruling parties, neck-deep in hostilities going on for centuries, obey petitions? There needs to be an "or-else" consequence added on to the wording of this

good -hearted petition. And, is out our business anyway? It's a sovereign nation, established by a democratic, post-war League of Nations, and United Nations mandate. What gives people from other countries the right to tell them what to do? Some of these jerks aren't playing with a full deck, and will kill innocents without a thought. Do you think they will change their tactics and actions with a bunch of injunctions from UK politicians, after decades of violence and terror? Stay out and stay away from this region and their ridiculous, neve…


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