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2000 MULES - the story of electoral fraud

A breathtaking investigation in the buying of ballots in the world's number one democracy.

Here is a clip.

IMDB: 2000 MULES: Documentary on the alleged criminal voter fraud and ballot stuffing during the 2020 USA presidential election, which may have changed the legitimate outcome.

2000 MULES is a documentary by Christian, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

The movie shows that at least 2000 people were caught red-handed in stuffing standalone ballot drop boxes in swing states during the 2020 presidential election, an illegal practice called ballot harvesting.

The movie uses tons of video evidence and GPS data to show that this ballot stuffing augmented Joe Biden’s vote totals in 2020.

The Democrat Party’s support for this fraudulent system were aided by about $590 million from Democrat supporters like Marc Zuckerberg, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and others.

2000 MULES is a shocking, disturbing exposé of a Democrat, leftist campaign to get Joe Biden illegitimately elected as President. At the very least, it shows that a full investigation of the ballot trafficking mules, including the sources of their illegal ballots, should occur.

2000 MULES also makes an excellent case for the end of early voting, mail-in ballots and drop-boxes, which mostly have been supported by Democrat Party leaders.

It also makes a strong case for a nationwide Voter ID law, which can be geared to people’s driver licenses and state identifications.


You tube banned the film which very clearly shows YouTube's interest.

Watch and make up your own mind.


Watch the film online here

This is a pirated version on Telegram.

If you watch it, please donate to the filmmakers

See the full film here:


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