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1000s of Homing Pigeons go missing.

When thousands of homing pigeons get lost, why are major questions not asked?

Was this caused by freak weather as the article claims, or by a disruption to the earth's magnetic fields that pigeons rely on?

Has 5G been switched on in these areas?

Have the new 5G satellites affected the bird's navigational abilities?

Canaries were used in coal mines to alert the miners of dangerous gasses.

In the same way, the sensitivity of animals can give us clues to the effects of EMF pollutants from new technology and rollouts that could have devastating impacts on us.

We need to watch this space, keeping an eye on animals that use guidance to navigate like homing pigeons and honey bees.

QUOTE: "...Up to 250,000 birds were released in some 50 races all across Britain on Saturday, June 19, but only a small fraction of the birds managed to return.

Indeed, many are still missing and have subsequently been spotted as far away as Holland and Majorca, prompting some to dub the date "the worst day in the sport's history". You can read more about that story here.

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle phenomenon was first highlighted via a recent report about a race from Peterborough to the North East in which more than half of the 9,000 pigeons taking part went AWOL.."

Read about animals homing abilities here:

Magnetic fields affecting cells.

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Hypothesising is a prerequisite to empirical test - in love of truth.

Graphene nanoparticles are 'believed' to be in chemtrails. I am not aware of confirmation yet.

If so then this interacts with or distorts and blocks natural electromagnetic sensitivities. BUT Cosmic conditions or 'Space Weather' are always fluctuating and at times involve magnetic anomalies in terms of our standard models, and so there can be Natural occurrences of particular interactions within what I call plasma physics, which is electromagnetic cause AND effect both.

The new 5g wavelengths and saturation of areas with pulsed EMF all add to electrosmog or 'noise' relative to bio-electric signalling which operates on such nanoscale currents of very specific frequencies as to be hardly measurable…


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