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Other Related Resources for Children and their Parents/Caregivers

Expert evidence regarding Comirnaty (Pfizer) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine for children from Doctors for Covid Ethics:


Law & Parents ("Explaining Parental Rights & Responsibilities..."):


Freedom Education UK ("An alternative education system for free-thinking parents and their children."):


Covid-19 Health Updates from the Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART):


News & Resources from Stand For Health Freedom:


COVID-19 Vaccine Informed Consent Checklist from Freedom Alliance:


UK Medical Freedom Alliance ("Professionals supporting medical choice and informed consent")


Parents Following the Science ("A group of parents and medical professionals restoring sense with science.")


PCR Claims ("You may be eligible for compensation from our government due to covid restrictions")


Democracy Declaration ("A site for confirming our commitment to democracy for the UK")


Independent Information ("Collated to provide you with information on the Covid-19 crisis.")


Children and Covid-19 - Evidence Not Fear (PDF) from Dr. Trozzi


FreedomTaker (A US site with resources that can be adapted):


"Other Letters: A selection of letters, petitions and position papers from other groups, calling on authorities to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19." from Doctors for Covid Ethics:

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